Healthier Ways to Slim Down (Part 2)

Besides doing exercise and drainage, paying a little attention to our diet will help one to lose weight effectively as well.

“Regimen” should be a familiar word to modern people, while regimen involves many different dimensions, diet is playing an important role in it. However, it is not easy to give up their favourite food immediately for most of the people.

In fact, it is not necessary to force yourself to change your entire diet habit in a short time. What you need to do is to pay a little attention to the nutrients of the food you are eating, and mix and match flexibly. You don’t need to give up on your favourite food as long as you have a balanced diet.

Reference of the vegetable, fruits and drinks which help in weight lose:

Tea That Can Help To Burn Off Fats : Red Tea | Pu-Er Tea | Green Tea

  • Tea not only promotes metabolism and digestion, it also keeps one clear headed and acute attention.
  • Green Tea with Calcium and Oxygen enhance bone marrow and teeth. Iron will enhance the process of cell metabolism.

Fruit Juice & Vegetable Juice

Fruit and vegetable juices contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and vitamin C is necessary for health and energy, they also belong to diet drinks but no sugar should be added.

Citrus Fruit, Papaya, Apple, Avocado

Introduction of Fruits that helps in Slimming


Contain Vitamin C,  potassium and magnesium is an important element in burning fats and able to maintain for a long period.


Contain Mannoheptulose which can lower the lipid content of carbohydrates, dissipate the fats membrane.
*Avocado + Cabbage + Lemon Juice – Best combination for slimming purpose.


High content of manganese among fruits. It is needed when thyroid produce metabolism hormone that have weight loss effect.


Contain Boron that have slim effect. Helps to get rid of dregs in the intestine. At the same time get rid of mercury, lead, etc toxins from the body.


Contain protein enzymes. Break protein into smaller part and penetrate into the cells. Also provide potassium, magnesium, iron,  iodine and zinc has a positive role in fat metabolism


Vitamin B in carrot is higher than fruits, it also contains Vitamin A, E, C. Pantothenic contents help to dissolve fats, Vitamin B6 and protein metabolism, develop muscles.


Queen of enzyme. Able to breakdown protein and help to speed up metabolism of fats breakdown in cells.


Protein enzyme in fig can accelerate intestinal peristalsis moving large quantity of minerals and vitamins to the brain for energy enough to last for few hours.


Contain folic acid, Vitamin C, potassium, iron, calcium aids in getting rid of waste and toxic. Cherry diet can improve skin’s elasticity for a radiant soft skin.


High content of Vitamin B group. Plum fibers absorb fats in the intestine and not easy for fats deposit in the hip area.

Citrus Fruit

Containing large amount of Vitamin C and P are effective fast fat burner.  When Vitamin C and P co-exist able to absorb protein, iron, calcium. Iron aid in transporting oxygen, calcium strengthen bone, protein strengthen muscle tissue. Squeeze 4 Lemon juice add to 2ml of water. Drink daily.

Natural No Sugar Added Berries

Contain various types of Vitamin C, P and no calories. It can speed up the fat burning, enhance the immune system. At the same time, phytochemicals can get rid of toxic and excess water and strengthen the connective tissue.