It’s All About Skin Whitening

It’s often said by people “A white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults”. It is common that most of the girls want a healthy and fair complexion, however, this has also caused them hurting their skin indirectly due to the wrong use of whitening products.

Why has the pigmentation became even darker after I used the whitening products?

It is often seen in the market, some whitening products claiming themselves have fast skin whitening effects. However, you are advised to read the label carefully to see if the product contains any high content of acidic ingredients, mercury, fragrance, chromium, aluminium and other metal. These ingredients can make the skin become fairer and smoother almost immediately. But if overused, the harmful ingredients will penetrate into skin layers and begin to erode the newborn cells, causing the pigment to precipitate again and become even darker than before. In some of the serious case, it will cause abnormal metamorphosis in skin, allergy, inflammation, desquamation, eczema. These conditions will persist and hard to recover.

Use Whitening Products together with Moisturizer

Our skin consists of five layers. The Prickle Cell Layer and Basal Layer of Germinature Zone are where the epidermis cells grow and divide. In these layers, there are melanocytes which produce pigments and there will be one pigment cell in every ten cells. In order to lighten the pigmentation and have even skin tone, Vitamin A and C are necessary during the lightening process. Therefore, it is recommended that whitening products to be used together with moisturizer for safe and optimum results.

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