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Like the unswept floor, if the skin is unable to carry out the metabolism regularly, the dead skin cells on the skin surface will accumulate. It will soon become a vicious cycle where dead skin cells will grow thicker and metabolism will get slower, causing skin to appear dull and bringing all kinds of skin problems.

The metabolism rate is closely related with our daily life routines. (see Functions of Skin). Skin care products nowadays, should not focus only on the skin outermost layer, but to be absorbed into the inner layer of the skin to regulate and improve the skin metabolism, so to really achieve the effects of “skin care”.

Cellular Rejuvinating Cream

Cellular Rejuvinating Cream contains Arginine, natural α-amino acid derived from the latest skin care technology. It is one of the most common type of natural amino acid, natural amino acid can penetrate fast into the skin and combine with human amino acid, ensuring a healthy cycle of skin metabolism, which will eventually improve the skin’s complexion inside out.

Cellular Rejuvinating Cream Q&A

1) What skin type is Cellular Rejuvinating Cream suitable for ?
Oily skin, blocked pores, and skin with uneven surface

2) When should we use Cellular Rejuvinating Cream?
When the skin is appearing dull with the accumulation of dead skin cells on skin surface.

3) Can we use it together with Cellular Rejuvinating Serum?
Yes. However, please ensure sufficient moisturiser is applied when you are using both together.

4) Is there any skin type needs special attention when using Cellular Rejuvinating Cream?
Exhausted skin and extremely dehydrated skin has to pay extra attention when using it. You will need moisture the skin first with Soothing Serum, Calming Cream or Lenitive Cream before using Cellular Rejuvinating Cream.

5) Under what kind of circumstances that Cellular Rejuvinating Cream shouldn’t be used?
Cellular Rejuvinating Cream is not recommended when the skin is sensitive, peeling off and dry cracked.

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