Care for Your Eye Contours

The thickness of skin is around 1.75-2.5mm, the skin of our eye contour is even thinner, the thickness if only 0.55mm. Around our eyes, the density of nerves fibers and blood vessels is very high. The absorption of eye contour is poorer and this is why our eyes feels dry easily. Due to the fact of thin and weak skin structure, problems such as dark eye circles, puffy eyes, oil clogs will occur if we try to use skin care for face onto the eye contour, which eventually causes burdens to the eye contour.

Can we massage the eye contour ourselves?

Our eyes have 22 groups of muscles and every blink of eyes involves 14 groups muscles. Appropriate eye massage promotes blood circulation and metabolism, improve skin absorption. However, incorrect or unskilled ways of massaging will cause muscles to tense up and relax continuously, resulting wrinkled and saggy eyes. Therefore, unless you know the eye structure very well, otherwise, it is not recommended that you massage your eyes on your own.

Eye Care products at a glance

Eye Cleanser pH Non greasy. Effectively get rid off secreted waste and break down saturated pigments over eye area. Wash off with water.
Eye Treatment Mask Restore normalization of keratinocytes, relax muscle, soothe over-tired eyes, enhance skin’s absorption.
Radiance Eye Gel Forming and locking a layer of moisture membrane over the eye area enhancing circulation and excretion. Effectively combat dark eye circle, eye bag and puffiness.
Eye Essence Anti-oxidation, prevent accumulation of sebum, moisturise cells, lighten wrinkles, firming and enhance elasticity for radiant bright eyes.
Eye Contour Ampoules Mild fluid containing highly active ingredients to activate eye contour cells. Anti-inflammatory and relieve swelling with extremely moisturizing and nourishing effect.
Eye Secret Set Contains rich algae protein, effectively accelerate collagen to thicken which becomes thinner due to ageing. Strengthen and stabilise the support of elastic fibers and gives a radiant youthful skin.
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