Care for Your Eye Contours

The thickness of skin is around 1.75-2.5mm, the skin of our eye contour is even thinner, the thickness if only 0.55mm. Around our eyes, the density of nerves fibers and blood vessels is very high. The absorption of eye contour is poorer and this is why our eyes feels dry easily. Due to the fact of thin and weak skin structure, problems such as dark eye circles, puffy eyes, oil clogs will occur if we try to use skin care for face onto the eye contour, which eventually causes burdens to the eye contour.

Can we massage the eye contour ourselves?

Our eyes have 22 groups of muscles and every blink of eyes involves 14 groups muscles. Appropriate eye massage promotes blood circulation and metabolism, improve skin absorption. However, incorrect or unskilled ways of massaging will cause muscles to tense up and relax continuously, resulting wrinkled and saggy eyes. Therefore, unless you know the eye structure very well, otherwise, it is not recommended that you massage your eyes on your own.

Eye Care products at a glance

Eye Cleanser pH Non greasy. Effectively get rid off secreted waste and break down saturated pigments over eye area. Wash off with water.
Eye Treatment Mask Restore normalization of keratinocytes, relax muscle, soothe over-tired eyes, enhance skin’s absorption.
Radiance Eye Gel Forming and locking a layer of moisture membrane over the eye area enhancing circulation and excretion. Effectively combat dark eye circle, eye bag and puffiness.
Eye Essence Anti-oxidation, prevent accumulation of sebum, moisturise cells, lighten wrinkles, firming and enhance elasticity for radiant bright eyes.
Eye Contour Ampoules Mild fluid containing highly active ingredients to activate eye contour cells. Anti-inflammatory and relieve swelling with extremely moisturizing and nourishing effect.
Eye Secret Set Contains rich algae protein, effectively accelerate collagen to thicken which becomes thinner due to ageing. Strengthen and stabilise the support of elastic fibers and gives a radiant youthful skin.

Daily Sun Protection and SPF

Living in a tropical country like Singapore with only summer season all-year-round, it is important to use sun care daily to protect yourself from being over-exposed to harmful UV. (See 3 Major Damages of Excessive UV Rays Exposure)

What is SPF? Is SPF the higher the better?

SPF is Sun Protection Factor. Usually, the SPF value will be labeled on the packaging of the sun care products for consumer to make a choice conveniently. However, is SPF the higher the better?

When the skin is in a condition whereby the weather is hot and humid, sebum will disperse towards skin epidermis in semi-fluid form. At this time, if a sun care product with high SPF is used, the pores will be enlarged, skin will lose hydration and tend to be sensitive, coarse and thick dead skin. Choice of sun care products should be made according to the humidity and temperature of different country, it is not true that it’s the better the higher is the SPF.


The best value of SPF for Sun Care products to be used in Tropical Countries should be between 15-20.

The Right Ways of Using Sun Care

Due to the increase of carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere, the temperature we feel will be higher than the reported temperature. The hot weather causes skin to lose hydration. Therefore, it is better to use Hydro Block together with Sun Care, to provide additional protection to skin and prevent moisture loss. You can also put a Hydrating Mist in your bag and bring it along everywhere you go so that you can replenished lost moisture as and when you need to ^^

Daily Care for Oily Skin

Due to the excessive secretion of sebum for oily skin, the excessive sebum will trap dirts in follicle glands and clog the pores after the sebum harden (acne/blackhead). Skin appears rough and have big pores, and becomes the breeding ground of parasites and bacteria, leading skin to pimple and acne prone. It will also affect the application of makeup on face, causing the makeup falls off from face easily.

Thorough Cleansing to Prevent the Growth of Acne

First, pour some Eye Cleanser pH on cotton wool, start from the forehead, apply to the whole face. This is to soften the silty dirt accumulation in follicle. If there is makeup applied, you have to use Eye Cleanser pH again to completely remove the makeup and dirt. To further prevent dirt from accumulating on the surface and penetrate the stratum corneum causes skin to look dull, it is necessary to use Refining Gel Wash to cleanse the face for another time, and rinse off with water. Oily skin are advised to cleanse their face at least 3 times daily. Washing face frequently can ensure the cleanliness as well as the unclogged pores. It is also one of the basic skin care methods to prevent the breeding of acne.

Develop Good Habits of Cleansing

If our skin is not washed thoroughly everyday, it does not only hinder the absorption and the functioning of normal metabolisms, it will also cause bacteria to grow and accelerate skin aging. It is necessary to develop a good habit of proper and thorough face cleansing regardless of age and skin type.

We can also make use of supplementary products such as mask, scrub, and Peel Pads to strengthen the removal of radical and dirt as well as the benefits of anti-bacterial.

Do not use hand to squeeze out the blackhead or acne

It is strongly NOT recommended that you use our own hand to squeeze out the blackhead and acne on your face. During the process, we have to take note of cleanliness of fingernails, the strength and even the antiseptic after squeezing, if one of the three are not being properly done, it will cause the acne to spread. Improper squeezing will also cause damages to skin, a more serious acne problem or unrecoverable scars on face.

It is recommended that you go to the nearest beauty centre to have a skin analysis from the professional beautician and recommend you the best products to use for your skin.