Healthier Ways to Slim Down (Part 1)

Conforming the trend, modern women are often talking about slimming down regardless how their figures are. Some spent huge amount of money, some used the wrong methods that badly affected their health but never achieve desired weight loss.

Due to the modern lifestyles and diet, insufficient exercise and work pressure, at most of the time, getting fat is not only because we eat taken too much food, but because of the metabolism slow down and accumulate toxin. Too much toxin will lead us to diseases, therefore, we as the modern people should slim down, not purely for the sake of appearance, it should be for a healthier body as well.

Symptoms of Bad Circulation and Suggestions


  1. Calf feel pain when climbing up the stairs due to no smooth-flow of the bladder meridien
    Suggest to use
  2. Pain in the thigh or discomfort occurs during climbing down the stairs due to pain in the stomach
    Suggest to use

1 Sea of blood is a pressure point at inner thigh, apply pressure on Sea of Blood can relieve mentrual pain during women’s period.

Thigh Circulation and Drainage Methods

Every night apply Advanced Body Contour Cream or Advanced Body Contour Ampoules and rub inner thigh, improve blood circulation. At the same time rub the “Xuehai (Sea of Blood)” and “Sanyinjiao (Three Yin Intersection)” points as this area usually lag and not easily free flow.

Also can knock at the leg frontal, by strengthening the stomach function capabilities it will improve circulation and secretion of the body.


(Pressure points and corresponding organ)

  • Inner thigh is spleen, kidney and liver meridian
  • Thigh frontal towards the outer side is stomach meridian
  • Thigh frontal towards the central part is gall bladder meridian


Many office ladies like you and me are sitting whole day, our metabolism is slow and will easily causes fats to accumulate resulting in “fat tummy”. Lack of movement may also cause gastrointestinal peristalsis slow, resulting in indigestion, constipation, bloating, and other issues.

Fat Tummy

Use Advanced Body Contour Cream or Advanced Body Contour Ampoules to remove dampness through diuresis, slimming.


Cross the hand and place over abdomen. Inhale and slowly exhale, press downward the abdomen accordingly to the breathing rhythm. Forces need to penetrate into intra-abdominal. Repeat 10-20 times.

Constipation, diarrhoea, bloated

Use Advanced Body Contour Gel or Advanced Body Contour Ampoules to improve bowel movement.


Rub slowly and uniform force at the point under the palm of your hand, the xiphoid, in clockwise direction. From the top downwards for 1-2 mins. Right hand first then left.

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