Improve Subhealth Condition & Relieve Body Pains (Part 1)

You may not hear of sub-health condition yet, it is actually a state between health and disease.

Our organs are highly dependant on one another to conduct various physiological activities. The drainage will not flow smoothly if the blood circulation is bad. The corresponding body parts with obstructed drainage will start to accumulate and causes uncomfort and pains. The body parts which has obstructed drainage will cause the phenomena of rheumatic, numb, swell, ache etc. This is what we called sub-health conditions.

When we are in sub-health conditions, we will feel tiredness, back pain, shoulder pain and emotional easily.

To improve the sub-health conditions, you can, besides by making adjustment on your lifestyle, stimulating lymphatic drainage and blood circulation will revive you and restore your energy.  The following products are recommended for you to improve your sub-health condition.

Satin Body Oil

Main Ingredients and Effects

  • Carrot Seed Oil
    Excellent oil for body purification. Enhance the function and vitality of the organs, liver detoxification, clear bowel flatulence, release moisture retention.
  • Citronellol
    Which is an excellent efficacy of muscle pain,  relaxing muscles, eliminate lactic acid and promote circulation thereby relieving tired feet.
  • Citral
    An excellent tonic for the circulatory system and unobstructed blood flow, usually used to lower blood pressure, relieving the pressure on varicose veins; stimulating white blood cells and activate the immune system.
  • Tocopherol
    Tocopherol is the most effective anti-oxidant in the body. Vitamin E can delay cell aging, prevent scar formation, help wound healing, antioxidant, reduce the sediment of aged spot.
  • Aesculus Hippocastanum
    Scientist discover Horse Chestnut contain Aescin that can repair bruise, blood clog, localize swollen and varicose veins, promote expansion and contraction.

How to use

  1. To relieve pain on neck, shoulder, waist and back
    Promotes lymphatic drainage and inflow of interstitial fluid. Helps distribute protein, fats and oxygen, get rid of waste water at the same time.- Put your palms flat on your skin, stroke outwards from under ear (patting is also applicable)
  2. Promote Whole Body Lymphatic Drainage by applying pressure on foot reflective zone
    Stimulate the contraction and expansion of smooth muscle tissue to promote blood flow and lymph drainage so that oxygen will be provided to body and skin.- Apply Satin Body Oil and do a light massage on the sole and behind the knee
    - Begin from ankle, pull upwards to inner thigh, apply slight pressure while pulling (patting is also applicable).
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