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Human body is made up of 70-80% of water and followed by 10-20% of protein. Protein is one of the most complex substance inside human body. There are thousands type of protein and each of them perform different function such as forming structure of hair and nails, controlling the reaction of bio-chemical etc.

In a simpler way, protein is a must-have component during the process of skin metabolism and restoration. Unfortunately, human body produce less protein gradually due to the increase of age, lifestyle, environmental factors and changes in hormone. This resulting in slow down metabolism and self-repair process.

It’s obvious that many skin care products started to emphasize the anti-age effects of peptides. However, many people are still having little knowledge of this.

The difference between amino acids, peptides and protein

Amino acids are the structural units that make up proteins. There are twenty amino acids that are used to form proteins in the human body. Amino acids can be linked together in varying sequences to form a vast variety of proteins. Protein containing fewer than 50 monomer units is called peptides.

Peptides is a substance in between amino acids and protein. The polymers are linear and unbranched, with each amino acid within the chain attached to two neighboring amino acids.

Proteins are biochemical compounds consisting of one or more polypeptides typically folded into globular or fibrous form, facilitating a biological function. A polypeptide is a single linear polymer chain of amino acids in a protein is defined by the sequence of a gene, which is encoded in the genetic code.

In the recent years, the scientists found that the molecule of peptide is easier to be absorbed by human body. Peptide with different sequence of amino acids are capable of satisfying different needs of skin.

After knowing the findings, Docte R&D has also started to use peptide in some of the products and upcoming products that effectively improve the effects of products.

Common peptides found in docte products and the benefits:


Acetyl Tetrapeptide-11

Acetyl Tetrapeptide-9

[Advanced Active Mature Skin Cream]
Stimulate new collagen synthesis, maintain cellular connectivity, repair cohesion density of the epidermal and enhance skin’s resistance to inflammation for a healthier firmer skin.


[Advanced Active Mature Skin Cream]
Stimulate skin to produce thicker stronger collagen for a more elastic and softer skin.

Diaminopropionyl Tripeptide-33

[Advanced Active Mature Skin Cream]
Amino acid chain growing into a chain, inspired from the interaction of DNA. Prevent skin from photo aging, premature aging and promote photoprotection.

Acetyl Tetrapeptide-15

[Calming Cream *coming soon]
Increasing skin’s sensitivity to tolerance threshold, reducing skin’s response to different stimuli and discomfort. Effectively improve skin’s pressure resistance.

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

[Firming Bust Emulsion, Streactin Max Effect]
Stimulate secretion of collagen and protein synthesis helps compaction elastin, lightening fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time also stimulate fibroblast and monocyte function.

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide – 7

[Streactin Max Effect, Eye Secret Treatment, Radiance Eye Gel]
Strengthen blood circulation, combat edema, eliminate inflammation. Stimulate synthesis of different types of collagen. Utmost effect on firming and moisturizing.


[Cellular Rejuvinating Serum, Cellular Rejuvinating Cream]
Arginine enable relaxation of the skin and blood vessel, and antioxidant effect. Ability to coordinate cell growth, healing of wound and brighten dull skin.


[Advanced Action Night Cream, Cellular Rejuvinating Serum]
Serine is essential for efficient metabolism of fats and fatty acid and for the proper growth of the muscles. It also facilitates the synthesis of various anti-bodies and immunoglobulins, this action aids in the maintenance of the immune system and ensures its proper functioning of all times. Serine also has a role to play in the manufacturing of cell membrane, muscles tissue and protect the surrounding of nerve cell.


[Advanced Action Night Cream, Cellular Rejuvinating Serum]
Proline is biosynthetically derived from amino acid. It is an important compound responsible for the production of collagen. It is also an important element in the human body. Today it is widely use in food and medicine.

Dipeptide Diaminobutynoyl

[Instant Filler HT]
Peptide derivative, a reversible active compound. Able to reduce muscle cell concentration, fast anti-wrinkles and excellent smoothing properties unlike the invasive action of botox-like activity.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5

[Instant Filler HT]
Based on a small peptide penetration and bio-active ingredients, producing new collagen promoting youthful skin by reducing fine lines, wrinkles and deeper ones and preventing formation of new wrinkles.

**Coming Soon**

  • Cellular Rejuvinating Cream
  • Calming Cream
  • Advance Action Day Cream
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