Skin Care Tips When You Travel

Do you like travelling? Do you bring your skin care products with you when you go travel?

It’s getting common that people like to go travelling nowadays. We live in a city which has the summer-like weather all year long, but, of course we would also like to experience the different seasons in other countries. While you are preparing for the fun travel, did you ever know what you usually using may not be appropriate for travel? Many people tend to be neglecting the impacts caused by the difference of weather and temperature, but this does not stop the problem arising during your trip even after your trip.

Skin sebum is responsible for moisturising skin and hair, a layer of acid mantle will be formed on the skin when combined with sweat. (See Functions of Acid Mantle). It helps to regulate body temperature, maintain skin acidity and prevent excess loss of skin hydration.

Therefore, it is important to do some research on the local weather, temperature and humidity of the places you are visiting to avoid causing harms on your skin.

Skin Care Tips on your travel

1) Sun Block
The harms of ultraviolet rays are commonly known. No matter where we are, there will be ultraviolet as long as we are being exposed to the sun, even during winter time when the sun is hardly seen. Especially it is said that there is more ultraviolet rays when you are taking a flight. Hence sun block is definitely important for a pleasant trip.



2) Pay attention to hydration, stabilise skin temperature
When the temperature drops, arrector pilli muscle in dermis contracts and this will block the pores and decrease the diffusion of sweat on the skin surface, causing the skin to become dry, dehydrated and red itchy. This is why the skin can be easily cracked during winter. However, when the weather is extremely hot, the skin loses hydration as well. It is recommended to always have a bottle of hydrating lotion inside your bag to address to hydration needs from time to time.


3) Supply sebum or control it
When we are in a extreme hot weather, the pores expand and the sebum will start to spread in a semifluid form. The skin appears oily and dark. Excessive sebum is also benefits for the growth of bacteria and germs. In such situation, even if you have a dry skin, you should not use the moisturisers that are too rich and causing excessive sebum secretion. Vice versa for winter, the skin tend to lose sebum when trying to protect us against the coldness, therefore people with oily skin should prepare some moisturisers when you are going for a winter holiday.


4) Basic cleansing and toning
Cleansing is the most important part of skin care, it shouldn’t be neglected even when you are travelling. As the skin may experience extreme and instant difference of temperature and humidity, we recommend using a mild cleanser that can cause less irritation to the skin.



Recommended docte skin care for travelling to countries with 4 seasons

(This is purely for reference, as the product usage still rely heavily on the skin condition, it is highly recommended that you inquire your beautician before going)

Spring (Temperature: 23°C~25°C)

Spring is considered the most comfortable season of all, skin is more stable. Paying attention to balance the sebum and hydration will do.
Radiance Cream
Soothing Serum
Sun Care + Hydro Block

Summer (Temperature: above 29°C)

Summer is the season with high temperature, check the humidity of the places you are visiting before departing, and adjust the skin care accordingly. If the place has high humidity, pay attention to the sebum secretion each day. Cleansing of the skin became relatively important as this kind of weather is creating a good platform for the growth of germs and bacteria.

Age above 28
Radiance Cream
Soothing Serum
Skin Essence
Sun Care + Hydro Block

Age between 18 to 27
Soothing Serum
Sun Care
Hydrating Mist

Autumn/Fall (Temperature 17°C~23°C)

Temperature starts to decrease during autumn. However, the temperature difference between day and night are greater. Take note of the weather change. You may encounter strong wind during the day that causes dry skin, it is recommended to bring along a hydration supplying lotion with you. At night, supply skin with adequate moisturisers.

Dehydrated Skin Ampoules
Advanced Action Day Cream

Winter (Temperature -5°C~10°C)

Winter is cold. Our skin tend to lose the sebum and hydration in order to fight against the coldness. Stabilise the skin by supplying adequate hydration, strengthen the skin immunity by maintaining the acid mantle to prevent skin from frostbite.

Action Plus Ampoules
Lenitive Cream
Radiance Cream

Age above 35
Advanced Active Mature Skin Cream
Radiance Cream

Lastly, wish you a pleasant trip! ^^