Botanical Science

R&D Laboratory

Quorum SRL is established in Vicenza, Italy. With its high quality administrative structure, R&D laboratory and collaborate with SOCIETA AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE in extracting plant’s active ingredients for quality skin care products.

With their continuous efforts in experimenting and in the pursuit for a modern allure of natural beaut that is effective and safe for woman of today.

The Importance of Natural Ingredients

There has been an increase in the support and publicity given to natural ingredients and botanical research. Scientists and doctors are increasingly encouraging the use of rare herbs and natural organic ingredients. Natural ingredients are known to cause minimal side effects and have no adverse long-term implications of use. The best skin care products in use today are 100 percent natural and owe their existence to botanical research.

The use of artificial, synthetic, and inorganic ingredients and components is causing serious harm to our health. Synthetic ingredients are present in the foods we eat. Inorganic and chemical compounds are found in the products that we apply to our skin, and in the medication and supplements that we consume. All these synthetic compounds and chemicals are causing long-term damage to our bodies. Studies show that synthetic ingredients can have carcinogenic properties and may lead to cancer, organ failure, and liver ailments.

Botanical Research to the Rescue

The popularity of natural ingredients is rapidly increasing. Botanists are focusing their efforts on using herbs and botanical extractions to create natural ingredients that can be used as an alternative to many of the products we consume. Botanical research has found that extracts from different trees, shrubs, and flowers can be used to replace almost every synthetic chemical in use today.

Natural ingredients, while sometimes rare and occasionally difficult to extract they, can be used to create products that are safer and more effective than synthetic products. Naturally extracted products can be more expensive than synthetic ones, but they offer much more value. You can't put a price on your health.

Doctors and physicians recommend products that use natural ingredients. At Docte, we want to make you beautiful, but we also care about your health. All our products are natural, safe, effective, and without side effects.