Functions of Skin

Functions of Skin


Flexibility and density of the horny layer, collagen in the dermal layer, tensile of the elastic fiber, elasticity and supportive cushion of subcutaneous fats, are able to resist against damages of external impact, friction and even pressure.


Our skin, has numerous nerves, receive external stimulation which in turn transmit the sense of touch to the brain through the sensory nerve; resulting in complex feelings such as Dry, Wet, Smooth, Rough, etc.

Regulate Skin Temperature

Tiny blood capillaries will expand when air temperature increases bringing about a rapid increase of blood circulation. On the contrary, when air temperature drops, circulation reduces and slowed. Fluctuation in air temperature causes loss of fluid and fats in the skin which affect the skin's regulating ability. This again, shows the importance to maintain a normal skin temperature.

Hectic lifestyles, emotional stress, insufficient sleep, endocrine disorder, harmful external aggressions are some of the common yet major factors affecting the stability and balance of skin condition. This also result to the decrease of skin protection ability, metabolism and immunity disorder.
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