One's skin colour is determined by the quantity of melanin released by melanocyte. Melanocyte will release more melanin in order to protect skin against irritation caused by foreign bodies, and form pigmentation at the same time.

Pigmentation Skin

Causes of Pigmentation & Uneven Skin Tone:

Hormonal Disturbance

Pregnancy, contraceptive and menopausis affect the secretion of melanin, and therefore cause the formation of pigmentation, brown spots and freckles.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin are weak against foreign bodies. When skin gets irritated, it stimulates melanocyte to produce more melanin cells in order to protect it and at the same time pigmentation will appear on the skin.


UV (Ultra violet) rays help skin to produce Vitamin D. However, excessive exposure to UV Rays will cause sun burn, and stimulate the mitosis of melanocyte to happen, pigmentation and freckles will form as the quantity of melanocyte increase.

Chronological Aging

Skin’s metabolism tends to slow down as we grow older. Keratinocyte do not peel off as per normal and accumulate a thick layer of dead cells, causing dull and rough skin.
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