Brand Story

It is not just about being beautiful,docte cares about the health of your skin.
VERDE, the predecessor of doctē, was first founded in 1989 by a Ph.D in the mountains of Italy. Based on the concept [Legendary of Cosmetology Plants]; out of 4-million medicinal plants, essence from a mere 400 kind of plants with beauty cosmetology efficacy, were carefully and specially chosen as main ingredients for our skin care products.

His skin care philosophy ~ Mutual deployment of various plant extracts, conjunction with simple steps to enhance skin's very own natural structure and functionality, restoring radiance and youthfulness of skin.

Under the leadership of a team of experienced biologists, botanists and well-trained R&D Laboratory personnels, doctÄ“ is born of their collective effort at the intersection of modern science and cutting edge technology. Simple, Natural, Pure and Results Effective are our objectives, together with inspiring efforts in pursuit of modern allure of natural beauty, we present you doctē, the new era of skin care.

Docte Laboratory in Italy