Chronological Aging

Aging and Wrinkles

Deteriorating mature and dry skin. Sebum secretion and metabolism rate of skin slow down as the age advances. Collagen fibre becomes thinner and skin lack of elasticity causes skin to become saggy and wrinkled. Cells proliferation and the ability of cell restoration deteriorate, resulting in skin bruise easily and slow wound recovery. Skin absorption of foreign matters and the self-purifying ability of emulsifier becomes weak and causes keratinocytes become tough and coarse. This lead to skin problems such as sensitive, bruise, saggy, wrinkles, flabby and age spots. Long exposure to sunlight and late nights will also expedite skin aging.

Factors of Skin Aging

Factors of Skin Aging

  • Environmental effects, weather and stressful lifestyle cause skin to become imbalance
  • Skin become dull and shriveled due to loss of subcutaneous fats
  • Skin collagen changes due to menopause, loss of elasticty and support causes skin become saggy
  • Keratonocytes become tough and coarse due to slow metabolism

Age Resilience
Anti-Age Treatment