Acid Mantle and Healthy Skin

Normal Skin Layer

The tender smooth appearance of healthy skin is because of the natural protective layer called Acid Mantle which is formed only when the skin pH is balanced.

Acid mantle has a acidic ph value of 4.5 to 5.5. Due to its acidity, this protective layer can protect skin from invasion of bacterials and germs. It can also penetrate into the horny layer, keeping cells connecting to each other closely, to prevent moisture loss to maintain the moisture level and smoothness of skin.

External factors such as age, stimulation of medication and chemical substance, stressful lifestyle, unhealthy diets, hormonal imbalance and bad weather will disturb the balance of acid mantle and weaken the protection of acid mantle.

As mentioned, Acid mantle is formed only when both secretion of sweat and sebum are balanced. When the sebum secretion is excessive, the "self-cleansing" function of acid mantle is disrupted causes skin to collect dust and dirt which clog the pores. The condition may be worsen if there is no proper hygiene and skin care steps taken. (See Oily Skin and Acne)

Using good quality skin care products helps us to maintain balanced acid mantle and keep our skin healthy and glowy.

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