Proteinase Repair Treatment

Women enter menopause around the age of 49. Skin becomes thinner and less fibrous as the amount of collagen decreases and changes to the elastic element due to the decrease in estrogen secretion, resulting in older, dull, wrinkles, rough and aged-spot skin.

Proteinase helps to regulate the cell cycle and corresponding response and stimulate Ribosome to Catalyse Protein Synthesis. Sufficient protein makes supple and youthful skin with NO spots, inflammation and ageing.

Anti-age Treatment Products

Integrating skin science and technology into papain, rapidly stimulate micro-circulation triggering skin cells activity, maintaining normal cell metabolism so skin is more radiant, less flaw and spots. Great aids in solving skin problems.

Anti-age Treatment Ingredients

Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Arginine

Effective peel off, regulate humoral, whitening, cell renewal, tender radiant skin.


Have a unique function as an exfoliation or skin softener and whitener, improve blood circulation bringing forth a natural softer glow to the skin.

Bambusa Vulgaris

Its unique ingredients can resist harmful substance, regulate skin moisture and protect skin against loss of moisture.


Serine is essential for efficient metabolism of fats and fatty acid and for the proper growth of the muscles. It also facilitates the synthesis of various anti-bodies and immunoglobulins, this action aids in the maintenance of the immune system and ensures its proper functioning of all times.


Proline is biosynthetically derive from amino acid. It is an important compound responsible for the production of collagen.

Proteinase Repair Treatment Demo

Wrinkled Skin

Proteinase Repair Treatment
is recommended for

  • Dry & dehydrated skin
  • Aged wrinkled skin
  • Pigmentation skin
  • Matured skin
  • Normal skin

Proteinase Repair Treatment is NOT recommended for

  • Hypersensitive
  • Very oily/clogged pores skin
  • Pustules/acne skin
  • Wounded skin