Functions of Acid Mantle

Normal Skin Layer

Acid mantle is the outermost layer of skin and act as a protection layer which protects the surface of the skin against bacteria, viruses and other potential contaminants. It is formed by the mixture of sweat and sebum secretion. Acid mantle is acidic as a normal skin pH is between 4 to 5.5. (See Acid Mantle & Healthy Skin). Acid Mantle has the following functions:

Acid mantle has the following function:

Barrier Effect

Prevent over-evaporation to normalise skin’s moisture level and protect skin against the penetration of free radicals.

Maintain Skin pH Balance

Maintaining the balance of skin pH is important in maintaining skin's suppleness, tenacity, smoothness and vibrance.

Resistance to Infection

The acidity of acid mantle is able to kill bacterias and restrain germs from growing, hence resist skin from skin problems such as acne and other skin diseases.

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