From the Customers

Lina Lim (42, Indoor Sales Representative)

I started using skin care products due to my sensitivity and open pores; however, my skin turns red and swollen every time after use. I have changed and tried many skin care brands until I got to know doctē; a brand that uses only natural organic products from Italy. Through detailed analysis of my skin condition and clear product explanation, I then realize that skin care products with too much chemical ingredients will cause skin to become dry and sensitive.

After some attentive facial treatments and compatible home care products... WOW!! Sensitivity and open pores condition had visibly reduced; my skin is now silky smooth to touch!! I will still insist on choosing doctē to maintain my current healthy skin.

Thank You doctē!

April Chua (41, Secretary)

I face oily T-zone and clogged pores problems, cheek area are dull and without shine. My beauty consultant tells me that I have dry skin; I then started on beauty treatments tailored based on my skin conditions and age. Experiencing great improvements after several sessions; my skin metabolism is now normal, T-zone oily NO MORE!!

Basic skin care such as day and night creams, essence, masks have now become my daily essential routine in maintaining Healthy and Radiant Skin!!

Jamiyah Kartubi (43, Housewife)

For the past 5 years, working late nights had causes my body to lose its balance. As a result, I put on weight and faced constipation problem. Not only that, skin problems such as sensitive, red and itch occurs. It was not until a friend's recommendation that I tried doctē Lenitive range. After trying, my skin condition improved, with this confidence I took up their treatment package; now my skin is much healthier and it does not feel hot or itchy.

Thanks to doctē innovative Slimming Program introduced last year, I shed many troubling pounds effortlessly. Now I am able to wear clothings with confidence and even my friends says I'm have become fit and more proportionate!!!

Nanvy Ko (56, Housewife)

Regular facials not only help me destress but also provides a "spring cleaning" for my skin. As I have "panda-eyes" thus I add-on Eye Secret Treatment to my facial sessions. After a few sessions, my dark-circles had visibly lighten, puffiness of eye bags reduced. My eye are now sparkling and bright with radiance. 

Toh Poh Eng (36, Self-Employed)

I have been bothered by dark eye circles and pimples problems. Until a few years back, I got to know doctē during a promotional event. I was deeply attracted to its organic natural products, and I have been using their products and treatments since then. Analysis of my skin had revealed and made me understand that my irregular lifestyle and daily habits had causes imbalance to my skin. Attentive yet flexible changes made by my beauty therapist through the course of treatments, I' am able to see visible results. Together with the suitable home care products, my skin is able to maintain its Balance and Healthy condition, my dark eye circles lighten!!

Yong Pei Pei (22, Full-Time Student)

I knew doctē since childhood as my mum is their loyal customer. As I'm still schooling, I do find their price a little on the high side. However, upon using their products, I must say they are very effective and non-stimulative and definitely worth every cent spent. Its non-stimulative skin care products allow my mum and myself to use with ease. My skin have shown improvement from dull to its Radiant and Satin Soft to touch!!

Polly Teng (40, Secretary)

Has been troubled by pimples and uneven skin. These years, I have tried many ways and spurge a hefty sum on different products which claim effective in treating scars and marks, however, in vain until by chance, I tried doctē Rejuvinating Treatment in a nearby salon. Through careful and attentive guidance, I started using doctē home care range and my skin experience visible improvements just after a few treatment sessions; together with the daily home care routine; my skin condition showed great improvements, uneven skin smoothen, marks lighten and I'm proud to be a user of doctē!!
Tan San San 陈珊珊

Tan San San (29, Underwriting Executive)

I started using doctē skin care since schooling days, regular facial appointments have become part of my lifestyle. Due to the hectic work stress and harsh weather conditions, my skin had become worse and with the tendency to become oily. My beauty therapist drew up a detailed program based on my skin condition and age. Besides professional treatments, my skin condition was improved with the help of using doctē home care products. I have even recommend my colleagues to this safe, natural and organic skin care, and they too find it very effective!!

Wong Kok Kheng (71, Retiree)

It's been more than a decade since I started using doctē and never have I the need to look at another. From essence, day cream to night cream, face mask, I am now using the complete doctē Anti-Age range including their Treatment; you can feel the firming and elasticity improved from just one session. Do you believe that at 71, my skin still feel soft, radiant and without much wrinkles?? And I look much younger that my actual age!! Now my family join me in using doctē!!

Stephanie (22, Full-Time Student)

5 years ago, I weigh more than 90kg. Thanks to the patience of my beauty therapist who recommended me doctē unique slimming treatment and the importance of a balance and healthy diet. She patiently motivates me to go for my slimming sessions on a frequent schedule. My skin did not sag even after I slim down, in fact, my condition of rough and unsightly uneven skin improved and I feel Happier and "Lighter"!!

Fellow friends out there facing problems like me, why not try out doctē xslim program and feel the difference!!

陈惠珊 (32, Bank Officer)

I was a devotee of products from branded labels until I did a "try for fun" (1st Trial) at one of doctē beauty center. I feel good and after just a couple of sessions I see significant results!! From there and then, I know I have chosen the "one". Now I uses a complete range of doctē skin care products, and I'm able to set my mind at ease and worry-free knowing that my beauty therapist will match products and treatments according to my skin conditions.

Madam Seow (59, Housewife)

I am very particular with skin care and have tried countless brands. It was not until I approached one of the doctē beauty salon. I liked it right from the beginning as it does not have a strong fragrance; in fact I loved its 'natural' smell. Continuous use had proven its effectiveness to me, especially its Anti-aging range. With this premium range, I do not have to get worried about sagging skin and wrinkles even at my age!! Now I need not go "brand shopping" anymore, as I have found doctē ~ "Natural, Effective and NO side effects". 

Riyan (38, Property Agent)

Freckles and dull skin made me look older than my actual age. To solve these problems, I took up a 10x treatment package costing more than $1000 at a renowned beauty salon. However, I am still required to top-up $100-$200 during every visit. Even with sessions balance, I dare not continue and lastly even stop going for any facials since then.

Later one of my colleagues introduced me to doctē beauty center for their Depigmentation Treatment and their range of home care products. My freckles are lighten, skin is fair, radiant and I look much younger. Now, I turned up for my treatment sessions regularly!!


陈凤莲 (38, Housewife)

Housewife ≠ 黄脸婆 (old and haggard) and knowing the importance of skin care, I tried a long list of product brands. However, after I use doctē, I say "NO" to the rest of the brands.

Simply love doctē cleansing products; I feel comfortable, refreshing and skin feels dewy after use. Having used their Rejuvinating Cream; my pores tighten, skin soften and fair. Highly recommendable is their Action Plus Serum; minimize unsightly wrinkles, now my skin feel firm and much younger!!

Anna Teng May Leng

Anna Teng May Leng (40, Retail Sales Representative)

Started using doctē products 10 years ago and hadn't tried a second brand since then. Its natural ingredients was a irreversible addiction to me. It is not only safe to use, most importantly, it had treated my sensitive and uneven skin which had been bothering me for many years. Now my skin is booming with baby-like radiance which even save me from spending on cosmetics!!
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