Eye & Neck Treatment - docte

Docte Eye and Neck Treatments are special treatments focusing on the eye and neck problems such as dark eye circles, eye bags, wrinkles at eye contour, shoulder aches and stiff neck.
  • Eye Treatment

    Eye Treatment

    Effectively combat against harmful environmental aggressors and normalize drainage. Targets and diminishes wrinkles on the forehead and the eye contour and prevent appearance of fine lines.. [ more ]

  • Eye Secrets Treatment

    Eye Secrets Treatment

    Thanks to Algaeā€™s pure, rich contents of vitamins A, B2, B12, the skin around the eye area is able to restructure through the boosting and formation of collagen and elastin. It helps lighten dark eye circles.. [ more ]

  • Neck Treatment

    Neck Treatment

    Lymphatic drainaige and active ingredients promotes detoxification, enhance blood circulation and immunity. It effectively relieves tired shoulders and neck muscles.. [ more ]