Face Treatment

Docte Face Treatments are facial treatments specially created to target Asian's skin to effectively solve skin problem such as pigmentation, aging, oily acne and sensitive.
  • Proteinase Repair Treatment

    Integrating skin science and technology into papain, rapidly stimulate micro-circulation triggering skin cells activity, maintaining normal cell metabolism so skin is more radiant, less flaw and spots.. [ more ]

  • Anti-Age Treatment

    Based on human mechanism physiologycal system together with efforts of amalgamatin officinal technology and Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (active ingredients), wrinkles reduced and fine lines ironed out.. [ more ]

  • Depigmentation Treatment

    Wake up to brighter, clearer, softer-looking skin. Natural plant extracts with high Bioflavonoid, with the help of nano encapsulated active substances, it purifies and produces rapid whitening effects.. [ more ]

  • Rejuvenating Treatment

    Glycolic Acid together with botanical extracts increases cell division thus increasing cellular renewed and the exfoliation process improves self-repair ability, leaving firm and lumininous skin.. [ more ]

  • Vitamin & Mineral Treatment

    Tailored accordingly to skin's natural needs; Treatment is specially formulated and empowered with quality botanical extracts to enhance skin's moisture degree, eliminate toxins, purify and nourishes... [ more ]

  • Lenitive Treatment

    With its soothing and calming ingredients, it rapidly repairs and reduces sensitivity, enhance natural protection, effectively revive healthy skin. Ideal for over-sensitive skin and those damaged by strong AHAs.. [ more ]

  • Advanced Acne Treatment

    Advanced Acne Treatment effectively combat against acne bacterial retard spreading and also helps reduce oil secretion. Effectively get rid of pimples and acne scars and protect skin against replapse of acne.. [ more ]

  • Vello Treatment

    doctē vello mask made of high quality algae, micronized molecules of the collagen, easily penetrates deep into the dermis layer of the skin. Increases skin elasticity, replenish collagen protein.. [ more ]

  • Refreshing Face Treatment

    Refreshing Face Treatment using doctē products according to the skin condition and coordinate with Synergy Massage, to help skin to totally relax and stimulate absorption and metabolism, rapidly normalize skin pH and soften the skin.. [ more ]

Face Treatment for the Asian Complexion

We specialize in face treatment designed exclusively for the Asian complexion. Our products have been created after years of extensive botanical research that give you the solution to a wide range of skin problems. In particular, we also have natural products for those who have problems with sensitive skin, areas of abnormal pigmentation and those who want to reduce or prevent the effects of aging. We'll briefly go through these three now, but remember we also have a wide selection of other products that will help bring out the natural beauty in you.

Our Lenitive Treatment range combines a special blend of natural ingredients designed to sooth and relax. This allows your skin to repair rapidly, revitalizing it to offer you protection and returning it to its former healthy state. This product is especially suited for those who need a face treatment to deal with sensitive skin, and comes highly recommended.

If you require a remedy for problems with dark spots and pigments, our Depigmentation Treatment range has proven to be a safe and effective way to lighten your skin. Because we only use natural sources, they have the additional benefit of having no side effects to worry about. With a high level of Bioflavonoids, we use nano encapsulated technology to deliver the active substance as safely and effectively as possible. This results in fast whitening with no signs of 'rebound', highlighting the natural beauty of your skin.

Restore Your Natural Beauty

Anti-aging face treatment has never seen better visible results than our Anti-Age Treatment range. By using our knowledge of human physiology, we have devised a treatment that effectively solves the aging problem for your type of skin. If you have fine lines or wrinkles near the eyes and face, or you've found that your expression lines are getting deeper, you need to try this range. Our products have an exclusive amalgamation of officinal technology and Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 to help bring back radiant skin with less wrinkles, as well as slowing down the aging process within a month.

Whatever face treatment you're looking for, our diverse range is designed to bring back your natural beauty, in a safe and effective way.