Skin Care

Renowned for its Natural. Safe, Effective, NO side effects products, docte strive to deliver products of premium quality for prestigious urbanite who love their skin.. just like YOU.

Natural plant extracts, being the core ingredients of docte products, react differently from every seasonal change, which is one unique factor of characteristics of each seasonal change, which is one unique factor of docte products. You may notice the slight difference in smell, colour or texture, which is our desire to uphold the stringent principle of embracing the Totally Natural. At docte, our products are consistently deprived of chemicals and preservatives.

Together with gifts from Mother Nature, we are proud to bring you effective and treasured products to enhance your natural beauty.

Check Your Skin

The Best Organic Skin Care in Singapore

In ancient times, our ancestors learned to harness Mother Nature's gifts to treat their ills and improve their lives. The Greeks and Romans pioneered the art of organic skin treatment. They understood that we are all part of nature. There is no such thing as bad skin, only different types of treatments for different types of skin and skin conditions.

Unfortunately, most modern skin care products are manufactured using mineral oils and synthetic preservatives. Not surprisingly, a lot of these manufactured skin care products are not as skin friendly as their advertisements claim them to be.

Organic products are better for your skin and the environment. At Docte, we have perfected the art of organic skin care. Our skin care products are 100 percent natural. They are made from a careful selection of natural plant extracts. Skin care products made from natural plant extract will soothe and protect your skin in all seasons and climates. Our products will keep your skin healthy, looking beautiful and feeling great.

Skin Treatment that Works

Beauty is impossible to achieve without proper skin care. That is why we lay great stock in the maintenance and proper care of your beautiful yet fragile skin. We are all blessed with different skin types, and finding the best organic skin care products can be a challenge. At Docte, our skin care professionals will give you the right treatment for your needs.

Unlike mainstream cosmetics, organic skin care is completely safe, effective, and without side effects. You only have one body, take care of it.

Visit us at one of our many locations throughout Singapore. Our skin care professionals will ensure you receive the best organic skin treatment available. Using only natural skin care products, we will ensure your skin receives the wholesome, quality care it deserves. Our organic skin treatment will keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful all year long.