Advanced Lightening

Rapid whitening products may contain Hydroquinone (cancer causing ingredient), with concentration degree of higher than 2% will result in hyper-sensitivity and skin dermatitis.

docte advanced lightening series contain Skin Brightening Complex, integrating seven types of natural plants with advance science and biotechnology coordinating with skin pigment for a brighter even-toned by lightening stagnant pigment and pigment spots. Prevent skin from producing free radicals compoundfrom UVB rays penetration.

Main Ingredients

  • Pea Extract

    Contains nutrients that our skin needs, like Vitamin A, B, E, amino acids and niacin, leaving skin radiant and soft.
  • Rice Bran Oil

    Rice Bran Oil
    Natural plant proteins that contains Vitamin A – responsible for purification and whitening, smoothening of the skin's mucous layers and harden wounds. Also suppresses formation of melanin, assuring continual whitening. Protein, Vitamin A & C ensure even, bright and stable skin tone.

Botanical Science

  • Bioflavonoid

    1. Extensively researched and highly valued in the medical, biological and dermalogical fields.
    2. Active ingredients extracted from plants in the citrus family, coloured plants and barks of pine tree contains large amounts of bioflavoniods.
    3. Possess very strong anti-oxidizing properties.
    4. Effectively inhibits activities of Tyrosine, contributing to a perfectly toned and translucent skin.