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Eye Cleanser pH

Eye Cleanser pH

  • Ingredients
  • Chomomilla Extract, Euphrasia Officinalis Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana
  • Effects
  • High density of nerve fibers and vascular around the eye area. Age and fatigue will slow down the lymphatic & circulatory system affecting the eye's daily secretion causing accumulation of waste that cause dull pigmentation & all kinds of eye problems.

    Four main features
    1. Remove daily eye secretion & enhance pigmentation breakdown.
    2. Soften impurities/sebum accumulated in the hair follicles
    3. Has the effect of soothing, moisturising & combat irritation.
    4. Gentle, non greasy. Eyes feel comfortable and fresh.
  • Usage
  • Day and night. Wet cotton wool, gently wipe around the eye area. Then rinse with water.

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