Sebum protects and moisturizes our skin and hair. When mixed with perspiration, it forms an emulsified membrane covering the skin's surface. Excessive sebum secretion aids bacterial growth, lowering of skin's resistance resulting in clogged pores, acnes and even pustules.

High potency ingredients complete a range with antibacterial functions delivering effects of inhibiting free radicals, strengthen blood vessel walls, reduces swelling, prevent bruises, etc.

Main Ingredients

  • Yeast Extract

    Carbohydrates, Lactic Acid, Vitamins

    Breaks down impurities, improve skin’s metabolism, enhance skin’s mucosal function

    Immune Polysaccharide, Ceramide

    Strengthen skin’s various biological functions, activate fibers and cells, boost the tightness cohesiveness of immune system and cells
  • Horse Chestnut

    Horse chestnut is discovered to contain Aescin that has been shown to effectively repair the following skin problems:
    1. Pus, bruise, blood clog, localize swollen

      Disinfection, astringent & oil control. Cleanse and anti-inflammatory, contraction of blood vessel, reduce and eliminate edema
    2. Varicous, vein inflammation

      Improve blood circulation to lower limbs
  • Allatoin (Comfrey Extracts)

    Stimulate the growth of cell, improve skin keratolysis, enhanced moisture with anti-sensitive effects, nourish the skin with fresh and non-sticky feeling.