Slim Contour

Our body begin to put on weight silently from as early as 25-years-old!! The human body will continuously produce chemical waste which is poisonous, hence is required to be excreted out from the body. With age, menopause, hormone imbalance, etc can lead to obesity, muscle-ache, sensitive skin or even illness.

It is important to complete the FULL slimming course even when visible results are seen during the early stages of the slimming course as fats have memory. If treatment is stopped halfway, fats are able to combat and resist against external force to retain and rebound back to their form!!
Breakthrough effectiveness and high efficacy body slimming range with NO Rebound!!

Main Ingredients

  • Hibiscus Sabdariffa

    Ability to inhibit up to 50% of fats storage within fats structure hence prevent accumulation of fats.
  • Caffeine

    Eradicate fatty fat cells effectively, eliminating excess toxin, waste and edema.

Botanical Science

  • Palmitoyl Carnitine

    Transport fats molecules (to cell glands), combustion of fats, maintain balance within the cells.

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